Just for you. Enjoy!

Treat yourself to self-care with monthly surprises that are fun, relaxing, and help you feel pretty.

What is My Favorite Happy Box?

 You spend all your time pleasing others.  When you get home from work, your spouse and  kids want your attention and you give them your all.  You're tired and need some "me" time.  My Favorite Happy Box is designed to make you smile and enjoy some self-care.  Send yourself to your room and open up a box that is all for you.

Each month you will find 5-7 items to make you smile and encourage you to take care of yourself, whether that is a snack just for you, make-up/lotions/balms, candles, jewelry, or other items to make you feel pretty and relaxed.

My Favorite Happy box wants to help out in the community also.   As the mom of a special needs child, I know that they are the worst at taking time for themselves.  My Favorite Happy Box will be donating a box to one mom of a child with special needs each month.  For every 25 boxes I sell each month I will send a box to an additional mom of a special needs child. 

You will also get a community of other women to get ideas and support from.

How It Works

1. Choose and order your box

We have monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.  We also have a VIP option.

2. Join our Facebook group

You will receive an invitation after you order.

3. Enjoy our monthly selections that go out  on or around the 4th of each month. 

Important Dates


Orders must be placed by the end of the month in time to receive the following month's box, which will go out by the 4th of each month.

Renewals are charged on the 11th of each month.