A Little About 

My Favorite Happy Box

Hand-Crafted Items: We do our best to source from small businesses throughout the United States. 

Good-For-You Ingredients: From lifestyle products to delicious snacks.  We try to purchase from vendors who use safe, quality products and ingredients. 

100% Smile Guarantee: Self-care items that mom would never buy for herself … But Deserves to Be Treated To. Plus, Every Purchase Goes Towards Donated Boxes For Moms of Special Needs Children Each Month.


Our Happy Mission

Hi, I’m Melissa, the owner and founder of My Favorite Happy Box! We provide a premium subscription of self-care, self-love, relaxation, and mindfulness each and every month. Like so many mission-driven companies around the world, my passion to help others was inspired by my own personal experiences. After more than 12 years as a single mom to a special needs daughter, I finally looked around one day, only to realize that the one person I had been neglecting for too long was myself.

Which led to a little soul-searching: “what do I like… what do I need?” The answer was clear— a little self-care added back into my life. Because when I am smiling, my daughter is just as happy. Then it hit me: every mom deserves this— a little box of happy, delivered. (Because who doesn’t love a little “happy mail” anyway, right?)

And the rest as they would say was history.

Today My Favorite Happy Box goes out to moms across the United States, either as gifts to themselves or from the ones who adore them most. Shipped monthly, our boxes are full of practical self-care products such as candles, bath scrubs, teas, cute mugs, journals, jewelry, accessories, and tasty treats. Always something that makes you feel good and look good too. 

With every box purchased, proceeds go to sending free boxes to moms of special needs kids—the ones who almost never find time for themselves, and yet so selflessly give and give.

My Favorite Happy Box isn’t just for athletic moms or coffee-loving moms or make-up wearing moms. Inside every box are quality made gifts and hand-crafted items guaranteed to put a smile on EVERY mom's face. 

Moms’ mission will always be her kids—so it’s our mission to be there to help Mom with ideas and support.

Go Ahead and Open a Little Box of Happy, Mama.

Melissa Witte

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